At Seq Building Inspection, get a Pre Sale Building Inspection in Gold Coast

Why Should One Opt For Pre-Sale Building Inspection Prior To Selling a Home?

If you are planning to put your home for sale in Gold Coast, a Pre-Sale Building Inspection is important for the following reasons:

Ensure that your property is fault-free before putting it for sale – Helps you achieve a better bargain

Our pre-sale building inspection reports will help you control the sale process by highlighting the important factors of your property. While setting the price of your property, our report acts as an important tool. There are possibilities that certain issues with the construction of your home are present with which you are unaware of. These can be related to the building defects, plumbing, insulation or any minor defect. We help you to identify and fix such issues before your home is offered for sale. Our team believes in working on the policy of ‘prevention is better than cure’. Our aim is to help you settle a better price when selling your home.

What Aspects of Your Property Can Our Pre- Sale Inspection Report Cover?

Pre-sale building inspection reports are also known as pre-auction or vendor inspection reports which are presented to the prospective purchasers. These reports are provided to all the parties interested in buying your property. We work independently without relying on the Estate Agents.

Termite Control Systems Not Installed

The most recurring defect that is usually detected in properties and houses is that they are infected with pests. Often these homes are not managed with termite control systems which lead to the damages.  We work on the detection of termite infestation behind the walls or in the woodwork at home.

Documents Not Provided

Parties often fail to provide the required documents to ensure their transparency. We help in obtaining the termite management certificates, building warranties, council approvals, etc. to ensure easy sale process of the house.

Plumbing Leakage/Electrical Work Not Up to the Standards

We help in the detection of any sort of leakage or plumbing fault. If electrical switches/gadgets are installed inside the house, we check their functionality to ensure that all work is done appropriately while maintaining the quality standards.

Roofing/Cladding Issues

There are certain homes which are not built with proper roofing or cladding. These aspects are also reported for the defects in case if they exist. Thorough inspection allows us to state any other issue related to the dwellings, ceiling or flooring of the house.

Once any of the above defects are ascertained in the report, Fine Edge Building Inspections is able to provide solutions for these defects. In order to get a better price for the property, we recommend you to spend time and efforts to improve the current condition of your property.

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