Guaranteed Pre Purchase House Inspection in Gold Coast

We inspect your prospective property for any defects

It is a big investment to buy a new home or property. Property inspection along with a sufficient time for its scrutiny should be a part of the sale agreement. Consider our services for the Pre Purchase House Inspection in Gold Coast. We are committed to inspect your property for any defect(s) and its rectifications.

Each minute detail is included in the inspection report

A detailed inspection is conducted which includes roofing, electrical wiring, plumbing and insulation of a home. Factors like external cladding, drainage, quality of work at the interiors are also inspected. If any appliances are installed, their working is tested. We report the defects in the above-mentioned areas and provide solutions to rectify the errors.

We inspect your prospective property from detached garages to fences and paths

All aspects of the property dwellings are thoroughly checked for any defect(s) in the garages, fences and paths. Along with the defects, we provide maintenance tips to keep up the prospective property in a better condition.

In case a defect is detected, we suggest practical solutions. Our own building company allows us to provide you ways to protect or rectify the defects.

Walk through inspection for a brief insight into your prospective property

We provide an on-site inspector who can inspect and highlight the existing issues which are not laid down in a report. This allows you to discuss those issues regarding the defects on the spot.

Termite Inspections

A visual inspection of the accessible areas of a property is conducted to check if there are any threats of termite damage. It enables us to let you know if any termite exists or there is a risk if a termite attack is possible in the near future. In such cases, we provide termite control and management system to reduce such risks.

Why Should You Choose Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?

Our Pre-Purchase Building Inspection assists the potential buyers to:

Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Report

Fine Edge Building Inspections offers Pre Purchase House Inspection with a detailed report which will indicate the following:


The report is generated within 24 hours once the inspection is conducted. Our inspector discusses the report(s) with you to provide the possible solutions.

For a detailed and reliable pre purchase house inspection, call Fine Edge Building Inspections at 0417 759 885.