Seq Building Inspections is the right choice for Handover Inspections in Gold Coast

Our handover inspections help you purchase quality building with peace of mind

The most important aspect of building a new home is to ensure that it is built according to the industry standards and expectations. Fine Edge Building Inspections offers reliable handover inspections in Gold Coast.

Our handover inspections’ team assists by inspecting the quality standards at each stage of the building process. You can choose from single stage inspection to scrutiny throughout the building of the house.

Why Opt for Handover Inspections by Fine Edge Building Inspections?

Generally, when people purchase a new property, they assume that is perfectly built. They often face problems once they have purchased the house, which leaves them at the fate of the builders. This is why you should consider investing in our inspection services. When new homes are found defective, it causes a problem for the owners. To avoid the hassle, we provide inspection at each stage of the building process to protect you from any problem later on. Once you hire our services, we ensure that the inspection reports will be 100% accurate and satisfying. It is necessary that you choose a licensed and insured builder for your home. Moreover, before signing a contract with the builder, you should request to add a clause to allow you an inspector of your choice. This works as a security for your home.

Stages of the Handover Inspections Process

Fine Edge Building Inspections offers a multi-stage inspection. To ensure that construction and building are done in compliance with the quality standards, inspection is conducted at each stage, which is listed as follows:

  1. Footing Inspection Stage – Before the slab is poured, an inspection is carried out by our experts
  2. Frame Stage – This inspection is conducted right after the completion of the initial framework
  3. Lock-up Stage – Once the roof is laid, windows are installed and external cladding is completed, it is time for lock-up inspection.
  4. Fixing Stage – Plaster, carpentry and tiles are inspected to detect if any defect exists.
  5. Handover or Practical Completion - When a builder ensures that the construction is completed and all the equipment is winded up, we conduct an in-depth inspection.
  6. Warranty Inspection – This is considered as a follow-up inspection to check if any defect occurs within one year of construction, which is rectified by the builder. These terms are pre-defined in the warranty agreement.

If a defect is detected at any stage of the building process, we assist in providing our reports to the builder. The repair work is then decided according to the warranty policy. Our multi-stage inspections are the most beneficial source for the owners to prevent any fraud or low quality building purchase. It may become costly for the builder and cause inconvenience to repair once the building process is completed. This is where our handover inspections help our valued clients.

Are you planning to build a home or have already started and required quality assurance at each stage? Call us today to schedule an appointment with our representative for reliable handover inspections at 0417 759 885.