Seq Buidling Inspections are the best at the Building Inspections in Springwood

Are you planning to buy or sell a house? Consider Fine Edge Building Inspections before making a decision

It is important for a homeowner to conduct a building inspection in Springwood prior to buying or selling a house or property. Fine Edge Building Inspections provides best services in Springwood.

Buying a House

It is usually considered a big decision when buying a new house. We recommend you to get a detailed inspection of your house which is carried out by our professionals. They highlight the defect(s) or areas of concern that require fixation. Once the house is inspected, we leave the decision on you whether you want to rectify the issues or let it remain. In case you choose to rectify, we offer consultation at reasonable rates.

Selling a House

When you have decided to put your house for sale, it is essential to inspect it for any possible defects or flaws. We offer pre-sale building inspection in order to help you get a good price in the market. This allows you to set a competitive price for the house and fix any defects if detected by our inspection team.

What Our Building Inspection Covers?

Fine Edge Building Inspections covers the following in its building consultation process: This describes the type of wall, roof, etc. used to build the house. We check external walls of the house, lintels, windows and doors, condition of paint, staircase, ramps, retaining walls, pavements, tiling, driveways, fences, gates and concrete sideways. The framing piers, surface drainage, leakages and areas of dampness are thoroughly checked. A detailed inspection of roofing materials, gutters, eaves, trims, chimneys, vents, gables, valleys and downpipes is done. We also check the decks, balconies, verandahs, patios and terraces. If a house has pool pump enclosures, aviary, etc. they are also included in our building inspection. Interior of the house includes walls, floors, ceilings, wood work, doors, windows, wall and floor tiles. These are thoroughly examined for quality checks. Water pressure, taps, showers, baths, toilet gutters, downpipes, etc. are checked for plumbing faults. We also check for safety switches and smoke detectors. Kitchens, bathrooms and laundry are inspected. Our inspection includes the car porches and garages.

Make sure that you sell your house in the best condition and at a better price with Fine Edge Building Inspections’s remarkable services

If you are planning to auction your house, our pre-sale building inspection report will ensure better results. It helps in determining if there are any faults to be addressed prior to putting it for sale. The potential buyers should get maximum positive aspects of the house to finalise the deal. We ensure to inspect all the readily accessible areas of the house which include exterior and interior roofing, sub flooring and fences also.

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