Qualified Inspector for Buidling Inspections in Coolangatta

Our building inspections are a peace of mind for our clients who are willing to buy or sell a property

With more than 30 years of experience in building, Fine Edge Building Inspections is able to unleash defects in a building that an inexperienced building inspector will not be able to detect. Once the defects are detected, we prepare in-depth inspection reports. Our building inspector in Coolangatta checks your premises carefully to have complete details about the defects so the price can be quoted according.

Our building inspector in Coolangatta deliver inspection reports within 24 hours

Fine Edge Building Inspections works independently without relying on word of mouth of Real Estate Agents. The report is discussed in detail, highlighting the crucial issues that need immediate addressing. We focus on keeping the cost low and recommending repairs wherever possible. We ensure that we provide inspection reports within 24 hours of inspection.

Visiting the Property & Reporting

Our building inspectors in Coolangatta arrive at the site/house at a promised time and visit the premises comprehensively. All the aspects of the property are checked with care to ensure that no issue is left unnoticed. We comply Australian standards for pest and building inspections. Each point is noted down by our building inspectors. Once the inspection is complete, you can mention your concerns and they will also be noted down. 24 hours are taken to prepare the report which is then sent to you. Our reports include photographs of the issues highlighted, with priority levels if more than one defect exists.

Action Plan:

Once we will discuss all the points of the report with you, we’ll provide help for repairs. We also assist with various tips to maintain your property in a better way.

Most people are unaware of the issues that a house may have if bought without the pest and building inspection. It is important to evaluate the property for its worth before buying it. All our building inspectors in Coolangatta are qualified, reliable and registered with years of experience in the building industry. Have our experts inspect your house for repairing any issue(s)?

We are able to detect the following issues in a house/building

Building defects, installation faults, damages, leakages, dampness, cracked tiles, damaged glass, leaking showers & pipes, moulds, decay, safety hazards, termite damage, pest infestation, improper insulation, etc.

What, Where and Why?

Our building inspectors in Coolangatta analyse why a problem arises, where it is detected and what is the root cause of the issue. All these questions are followed by the best possible solutions to ensure your peace of mind. Usually, pest infestations exist in the following areas of the house:

We are offering one of the best Pest and Building Inspections in Coolangatta

Our pest and building inspections include building consultation, pre-sale building inspection, pre-purchase building inspection, and handover inspections. Whether you are looking for an inspection prior to selling your property or buying a new one, we have trained building inspectors for all purposes.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or you need a building inspector in Coolangatta at 0417 759 885.